Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so virtue appears from good deeds, and wisdom appears from a pure and peaceful mind. To walk safely through the maze of human life, one needs the light of wisdom and the guidance of virtue.                                                  



In 9 days I am going to lace on my running shoes, gather up my kids, friends and neighbours to Race for Virtue. I invite you to join me. Read on as I explain how and why.

Royal blue running shoes on lawn preparing to Race for VirtueMarilyn | Parents Aware

What is Race for Virtue?

I found out about Race for Virtue just a few short weeks ago when Dina Alexander of Educate Empower Kids invited me to share the event on our social media pages.  Dina explained that all proceeds from the race go directly to non-profit organizations, like her own, which provide resources and help to individuals impacted by sexual exploitation.

As I watched the videos put together by Race for Virtue co-founders, Ashley Bell and Jessie Davies, I caught a vision of what this race could become.  And honestly, I wish I had been introduced to this cause sooner.  However, it’s not too late to get involved! At Parents Aware we even created our own community event!

Community Event Location Lakeview Park Race for VirtueMarilyn | Parents Aware

Check out the following video for yourself. Then imagine the impact for good it would have if over a million people like you and me put on our shoes and took a step for virtue.  

By participating, we are declaring publicly that the value of the human spirit is innate.  When we take a step in the Race for Virtue we are saying that every person counts!

Why is Parents Aware joining the Race for Virtue?

For Parents Aware, Race for Virtue is about the urgency we feel to protect children from the harms of pornography. We recognize that any child can easily stumble upon all kinds of dark, sexually exploitive messages without warning. Children are being bombarded with media messages that often leave them feeling confused and overwhelmed. Even more concerning, is that without intervention kids are being groomed for further sexual exploitation.

One way to intervene is to actively share with children how to seek out positive experiences both on and offline. Additionally, we can teach children from a young age how to reject harmful media messages. We want them to know we are standing beside them, willing to help them navigate the maze of human life as Buddha so eloquently says.

Racing together on 9.9.17 is one way to celebrate virtue. When we race together we are reminding one another that this world is full of goodness, kindness, love and generosity. When we unite in the cause of virtue we are increasing in power and strength against sexual exploitations.

What is pornography to virtue?

In classical thought Plato suggests that temperance, prudence, courage and justice are the four overriding traits of virtue. Yet propagators of sexual exploitation would have us believe that the word virtue is weak, old-fashioned and even prudish. It is mocked and scorned by many. In reality virtue is strong and powerful and greatly threatens the porn industry’s business model.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to consider indulgence, carelessness, weakness and corruption as the overriding traits of pornography. Is it not then an antithesis to virtue?

Exploiters, traffickers and pornographers are working hard to turn individuals into objects; commodities to be bought, sold and traded on demand. In essence they seek to remove humanity from the world. No one looks at porn and says, I wonder what the hopes, dreams and aspirations of that performer is. Along with all forms of exploitation, porn exists solely for the purpose of self-gratification and leaves a trail of victims in its wake.

How can I participate in Race for Virtue?

At Parents Aware we are not willing to stand by and watch as more children become victim to pornography. We know that you aren’t either. That is why we are here fighting together for this cause.

The organizers of Race for Virtue have made it so easy to participate. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Head over to the Race for Virtue website and follow their easy registration process
  • Pay the $7 (USD) registration fee. Your race kit will be sent to you via email in the next few days
  • Remember anyone can race. Anywhere. Anyhow (Walk, Run, Swim, Hike, Bike, etc.)
  • You can race on your own or with friends or family
  • On 9.9.17 put your race bib on, get outdoors and connect with all that is good in this world
  • Document your race and share it on social media
  • Help spread the message throughout the world that virtue is strength
  • Most importantly, enjoy!

This isn’t your traditional race with first place prizes and personal bests. Rather Race for Virtue is about uniting individuals and communities in a worldwide effort to end sexual exploitation. The organizers of this event recognize that when light shines, darkness must retreat. When we celebrate virtue in our community we are strengthening our communities.

How should I document Race for Virtue?

One of the most impactful ways to participate in Race for Virtue is to document your experience and share it on social media. One of the main goals of Race for Virtue is to create a social media blitz. If Race for Virtue trends, then we will have taken a step closer to filling the world with light.

As you race, consider how you will share a positive, uplifting and non-shaming post about why you chose to participate.  To help Race for Virtue trend on 9.9.17, here are some tips you may like to consider as you prepare your posts.

  • Explain what motivated you to race
  • Explain who you brought with you and why
  • Explain what you want to see happen in the world as far as striving for virtue is concerned
  • If you can, share a video (the internet loves video)
  • Be creative, be authentic

Check out this short video from Race for Virtue and learn even more about how to share a message of light and hope on race day!

Can’t attend? Donate!

If you cannot physically participate on race day, donations are also welcome. 100% of the proceeds from registration and donations go to help partner organizations like NCOSE, SA Lifeline, Betrayal Trauma Recovery, Refuge for Women, EEK etc.

Note that Parents Aware receives no monetary compensation from our participation and promotion of this race. We are racing to support our friends in this community and we gladly offer our donations to help the addicted, the trafficked and the abused.   

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Marilyn Evans lives east of Toronto with her husband and five sons. Concerned with the ease of access to online pornography, she began searching for ways to address this subject with her own children. The lack of support and information available to parents at that time compelled her to begin speaking out publicly on the subject. It's her hope that parentsaware.info will provide families with a resource they can turn to for answers on how to speak openly and honestly with their children. You can follow @parentsaware on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.